The truth is, anyone who had a lot of time could learn to do what we do. You could follow the blogs, do the reading, keep up with the changes that Google is making and adjust your strategy accordingly. You could learn Search Engine Optimization, and how to build a social media presence and post to get your customers engaged and interested enough in what you have to offer that they call  you. You could learn how to make changes to your website and learn to read analysis’s reports and webmaster tools accounts… If you had the time.

We believe you should focus on what you do best and leave the online marketing to someone who does all that for you. Isn’t that the beauty of being a small business? We all need each other! Heck, there are so many things that we don’t know about, so we look for other people to fill in those gaps for us. And that’s what we do for you. We do your online marketing for you.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO uses a combination of strategies and tactics to increase the visitors to your website and number of calls to your business.  Increasing your presence by organically optimizing your site, is where we start first.  A lot of the work we do for our client’s centers around organic optimization.  In general it may take anywhere between three to six months for many businesses to see an increase in traffic to your website and an increase in business calls.

Paid Search

Another way to increase your traffic is through paid advertising. These are the ads that you see on the top and the side of most of your web pages when you are conducting a search on the internet. Those businesses are paying to be in those positions and every time a user clicks on an ad, they pay for that.


Email Marketing

A great way to keep in contact with your past customers and promote your products or services is through email marketing. If you have a list of current customers, we can help you create an email campaign to reach out and promote yourself to them. If you don’t have a way of capturing emails, we can help you with that too. We can create the emails, write the content and track results.


Google runs the world online; at least it does today. If you are online, you play in Google’s sandbox, and when you play in their sandbox, there are rules you have to follow or you get kicked out of the sandbox. We know how to play well with Google! We keep up with the changes (and there are a lot of them) in search that may affect your website and it’s rankings.



A large part of growing your business online is getting your customers to leave positive feedback on the internet about their experiences with your business. We help you encourage your customers to do this and try to make it easier for them to do it!

Local Search

Local is everything online. How your business displays in local search is extremely important to Google and how your customers find you. We use a strategy that focuses on the location of your business or the area that your business services to help local customers find you. If you’re a remodeler, it is important to you that the customers who find your are within a 20-40 mile radius (most small business clients), and we can your future clients find your business!