It’s always great to get a pat on the back. It is especially gratifying when a client takes the time to let you know in writing that you’ve made a  difference for their business. Thank you for your kind words. We’ll get up tomorrow and do it again….for you.


My only regret is not hiring Catherine and her team at A2 Online Marketing sooner! Since A2 Online Marketing began helping us with our website, email marketing campaigns, social media and online presence, we have realized a huge increase in the daily online sales of our scrubs.
Catherine’s professionalism and dedication are exceptional, and her genuine concern for the well-being of our business is palpable. Catherine continues to amaze me, time and time again, with the way she is able to make us feel as though we are her only client — and I know that is not the case! What I like most about working with Catherine is how she continually challenges us to do better and presents us with ideas and opportunities that will help move our business forward.
Natalie Busch
TiScrubs, Inc.

If you are researching and trying to make the decision on how to increase your online presence, increase sales opportunities and grow your business, my advice would be to forget about marketing your business on your own and leave it up to the pros at A2 Online Marketing. Lets face it, you likely do not have the time, skills and abilities necessary to perform the marketing required to grow your business – while keeping your business running at the same time.

When I initially spoke with Catherine and Renee about their services I had some reservations about the possibility of success and the Return On Investment we might get from the services provided by A2 Online Marketing. Since then, our online presence has grown so much we are looking to hire help to keep up with new opportunities in our business. Just in the short time we have been utilizing the services provided by A2 Online Marketing our website traffic has increased tenfold.

Oh, did I mention website? These folks can guide you through the entire process to make your website pop! It can be as interactive as you want it to be. All the social media outlets are there too. If you want more business utilize these guys but, be prepared. You will have more to do than you can handle without help.

Long story short, you run your business and leave the marketing of your business up to the professionals at A2 Online Marketing.

David K. Walters
ContractorMen, Inc.
A2 Online Marketing, the name states the objective, this team makes it happen! Melissa is very personable and passionate; her insights working in the online marketing field are exceptional! If you have any concerns as to hiring this Group of professionals feel free to call me, and I will dispel your concerns.
Steve Qualizza

Catherine was very instrumental in our social media planning objectives. As a healthcare I/T consulting company focused in working with hospitals in over 40 states nationwide, our social media strength has become a primary focus to remain competitive. With the myriad of choices out there for social media guidance, I would recommend Catherine and her team at A2 in the highest manner, with respect to her strong technical knowledge of social media options and her unwavering commitment to client integrity. Her passion is to help her clients succeed and I could tell it is very “personal” to her that we succeed. I am grateful to Catherine and her team for their guidance and direction. I am open to discussing our experience with Catherine and A2 if you have questions.


Larry L. Hodge, President/CEO
HealthTECH Resources, Inc.
3620 East Campbell, Suite C
Phoenix, AZ 85018

I was referred by a friend to give Catherine a call.  My friend was so excited because their business had done so well they actually had to hire help.  She sold me with her excitement! My Daughter and I have a business together and we decided to set up a meeting with Catherine.  Boy, are we glad we did! Our business has changed in so many positive ways.  We are even considering hiring help.  My Daughter and I are worried we are going to miss out on opportunities because we are booked so far out.  We are afraid people aren’t going to want to wait as long as it will be to get to them!  This is all due to Catherine and her expertise.  I am very happy with my website.  Sending clients to my website has closed many deals. It is professional and well done. Hiring Catherine and her team is the best business investment we have ever made. We can’t thank her enough for taking on a small, Mom and Daughter business and making it flourish!

Brenda and Kylie Macaluso
Macaluso Custom Design
Gladstone, MO

My husband and I own and operate Murray Home Insulation in Parkville, Missouri. We have been in the insulation business for over 25 years and about 5 years ago when the housing market tanked, our business took a down turn. We knew we had to do something different to survive in this type of economy. We were referred to Catherine by a mutual friend. Having known Catherine in a personal way for close to 20 years, we immediately called her. She met with us and we discussed our situation and Catherine went to work. We were clueless of how to market our business on the internet and knowing how dependable and capable Catherine was we let her use her judgment of what to do. It wasn’t long before our phones started ringing again and business flourished. The unknown is freighting and having somebody like Catherine take care of this is most valuable. If you asked me specifics of how she does it or what she does, I would have to be honest and say, “I don’t know. But it works”.

Judy Murray
Murray Insulation
Kansas City, MO

When I decided to open my own Dance Studio in Parkville, I knew that Catherine Kolkoski had to get involved from the beginning. She built our website, wrote all the content, created all the appropriate social media that the Dance Studio should be on, and did whatever she does for Google to find us. And low and behold, most of our classes are full. And it hasn’t even been a year.

She is easy to work with and professional. We know we can contact her anytime and she’ll do whatever it takes to help. Having someone local, that we can have that kind of a relationship with, is important to us. You can tell she has a heart for small business. I don’t know if we’d be where we are this soon in the business, without her online marketing help .I can tell you for a fact, that most of our emails and calls we get tell us they “Googled us”

Catherine Stephenson
Catherine’s Dance Studio
Parkville, MO

Catherine, I would like to thank you for helping set up Google for Locks and Pulls KC. With your help we have been able to aid customers with our location. We also have been able to grow our clientele immensely with your help.

Brad J.
Locks and Pulls
109 NE 91st St, Kansas City

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